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Family Archive

Crazy Legs

Disclaimer: This post sat in my “drafts” folder for over a year before I decided to simply publish it ‘as-is’. These are some ramblings about Tatum around 9-10
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San Juan Fire

A few weeks back on June 26th, 2014, a human caused Forest Fire started on the White Mountain Apache Reservation near the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. The fire spread
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Baby Time

On Wednesday, December 18th, Taryn went to her scheduled OB appointment. She called me at about 1130, crying, Dr. Cyr (her OBGYN) was concerned that Taryns blood pressure
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T-Minus 3 Weeks

We are coming into the final weeks of Taryn’s first pregnancy, our baby is finally on her way home! I just wanted to share a few things about
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THE HOUSE IS DONE, and it’s a good feeling. Everything is in it’s place. Yes, we could make more improvements, but nothing that needs to happen now. So
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The American Dream

Kids running in the yard, smiling, giggling, and loving life. Sitting on the front porch swing, admiring life and nature.
At least that is what I picture when
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New Place

It is official; my family and I have moved to a new home in Glendale, AZ! This has upgraded us from sharing some tight quarters in our old
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Family Time

Because of the Holidays, Devin and I have spent a lot of time with our families. I don’t know about Devin, but I’ve enjoyed them:  Halloween was fun, watching all the
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