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Tatum & Superman

tatumsupermanTatum just toppled down the stairs.

It finally happened. She fell down the stairs.

I’m so glad we have a landing halfway down our staircase, it certainly sucks to carry furniture over, but it is a nice safety feature.

Taryn and Tatum were gonna go down stairs while I hopped in the shower to get ready for the day. Taryn was almost to the bottom before Tatum started her descent.

Here is the problem, Tatum didn’t want to go down stairs. She paused at the top of the stairs to look into our bedroom where she loves to pull down all my neck ties and play. She actually sighed recognizing she couldn’t go in there.

In resignation she did a 180 degree spin on one foot to turn to head down the stairs. The problem was she was closer that she thought and her next step missed the floor which led her to falling backwards down the stairs.

I witnessed the whole thing; in my mind’s eye I could see what was about to happen. As she finished her twirl to go down stairs I lunged towards her, Superman style.

I semi-caught her mid fall and adjusted her trajectory to land horizontally on a step instead of vertically. She slipped through my fingers and her momentum kept her rolling down the stairs one at a time. She stopped on the landing face up, lying on her back.

In the mean time I was hurdling down the stairs like Superman right behind her. The whole way I was attempting to speed up to stop her rolling. However when she came to a rest on the landing I came to the realization I was going too fast and was about to steam roll her.

I threw my hands down and pushed my body over her and crumpled against the wall. The entire time we fell, Tatum kept looking at me confused and scared about what was happening.

She cried as soon as all was over. The fall and my reaction startled her.

I had yelled to Taryn when it started, she met us on the landing and scooped Tatum up quickly to comfort her. She recovered fairly quickly from the incident and walked to me from Taryn’s lap to give me a hug.

I can’t believe what just happened. It all happened so fast but felt like an eternity while we were falling. I’m glad we are both ok; though Tatum seems to be a little more reserved while near the stairs, but it is for the best.

‘Till my next parenting fail, later!


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