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Locked the doors!

A soaking wet Tatum done playing at the splash pad.

Tatum getting ready to play at the splash pad.

Friday afternoon Taryn, Tatum and I headed out to run some errands, we had an appointment with Taryn’s doctor, I had to do some work at Gryphon and we also wanted to swing by Tempe Marketplace to check out a sale at Down East for Taryn.

While Taryn was shopping I took Tatum to the small splash pad they have at Tempe Marketplace. My hope was she’d love the water, but she simply didn’t. She looked at me with trembling eyes every time I’d splash her or ‘nudge’ her towards the water. She decided to simply run around the outside of the splash pad putting a show on for all the other parents; giving them big smiles and giggles. After 15 minutes or so I gave up trying to get her to enjoy the water so we headed to the car to change her wet clothes.

Side note: we recently went to the drive-in and have had a cushion and a bunch of pillows in the back of our car since.

I opened the back of the Explorer and laid her down among all the pillows. Being in a busy parking lot I felt she was a bit exposed with the big door open. I decided to shut the back door and open the window instead so it would at least cover her while she was laying down.

As soon as I close the backdoor I hear *click*. The doors locked and my mind filled with dread and my stomach sank. I looked through the back window: Tatum is exactly where I put her with my keys in her mouth. The realization that our spare key is at home some 30-40 miles away sent me in to a panic.

I just locked my daughter in the car with the keys.

The same time this happened some drifter asked me for money for gas; these people have no sense of boundaries.

My mind raced trying to figure out what to do; the spare keys were at least 45 mins away if I could somehow get someone from our neighborhood to bring them to us in Tempe. Double that if I needed to get anyone close to take us home for the keys. Or we could call a locksmith? I was processing thoughts so quickly trying to figure out what to do.

The guy asking for money was still telling his story when I heard the best sound of the day *click*. My hand flew to the handle at lightning speed and pulled. The door opened! Tatum had moved the key fob in her mouth from the lock button to the unlock button! What luck! What a relief! I took my keys from her as soon as I opened the door.

I gave the dude $0.75 from the center console telling him what just happened. He didn’t care at all. Boundaries people, boundaries!

I immediately rolled down the passenger window and went back to the rear of the car to finish the task at hand. My heart was pounding from adrenaline. When all was done I just climbed in the back of the car with Tatum among all the pillows and just laid down to wait for Taryn.

Boy do I feel dumb, what a bone head move! Being a parent is weird.

Tatum with the keys - Door Open

Tatum with the keys – Door Open


Tatum with the keys - Window Open

Tatum with the keys – Window Open



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