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Crazy Legs

Disclaimer: This post sat in my “drafts” folder for over a year before I decided to simply publish it ‘as-is’. These are some ramblings about Tatum around 9-10 months old.


Having a baby in the home has been a rewarding and stressful experience. Taryn and I have gained a new appreciation for parents everywhere as our focus has shifted from over what we want to do to what the baby needs.

Tatum is such a joy, she is a very happy girl who always has a smile for you that will brighten your day. Her eyes have a way of smiling as well which make her that much cuter; granted, I am a first time dad, so my opinion is obviously biased. Seeing her grow up and learn new things is quite magical, you can see it in her eyes when something clicks and she learns something. Seeing her clap for the first time was fantastic, Taryn had been practicing with her for some time down stairs and surprised me with her ability to clap now! How funny is that? I now get excited about my daughter learning how to do normal tasks.

As she grows I get to play with her more and more. She squeals and giggles as I throw blankets over her head and toss her around. Its so rewarding to watch a tiny delicate infant grow and learn; from a sleeping, eating and pooping machine to the slow transformation she is making to becoming a silly, energy filled toddler. I know she is still a baby at 10 months, but I can already imagine the shenanigans we will be getting into a year from now.

Tatum has some crazy legs! She loves to jump, kick, and swim. When she was just a couple months old we bought her a jumper and she loves being in that thing. When we went to Lake Pleasant a few weekends ago Tatum couldn’t stop kicking around in the water.


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