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Batch Convert AVI to MP4 for your Roku

I recently switched from using an Xbox 360 as an entertainment hub to a Roku. Plain and simple, I didn’t play any more Xbox games and no longer wanted to pay $60/year for Xbox Live.

I have plenty of Movies ripped from DVDs and had a lot of them in .avi format. Those who have a Roku know this will not work. So I set out to convert them, first I used Handbrake, but didn’t like how long it took, and to be honest, could not figure out how to batch convert all my videos.

I searched the internet and found this thread on the Roku Forums which teaches you how to convert from avi to mp4 quicker.

Step 1.
Download avidemux and install it.

Step 2.
In avidemux click file , open
pick the avi file you want to convert
If a pop up ask about building time maps , click yes
For rebuild time index , click yes

Step 3.
Under video tab on left, select copy

Step 4.
Under audio tab, select AAC
You can click configure and up the bitrate, I have mine at 160

Step 5.
Under format , select MP4.

Step 6.
Under file, select save video
give it a name and add the .mp4 extension

Now wait for it to finish. Depending on cpu speed it shouldn’t take more than a couple minutes to finish. It is copying the video leaving it untouched, transcoding the audio.
If the audio is already in a roku capable format you can select copy under audio as well.
On my pc Q6600 cpu it takes about 2 minutes per hour of video.

Put the file on a usb drive and play ! The video shouldn’t have to buffer , all of mine start instantly.

This also works for stubborn MKV files and may work for other file types that have mpeg4 files inside the container.



However I still did not like how you had to manually convert each file. After some digging in that same thread I found that the original poster (pixeltricks) provided a way to batch convert your videos.

Step 1: Create a Text Document and paste the following into it:

set avidemux=”C:\Program Files \Avidemux 2.5\avidemux2.exe”
set videocodec=copy
set audiocodec=AAC
for %%f in (*.avi) do %avidemux% –video-codec %videocodec% –audio-codec %audiocodec% –autoindex  –load “%%f” –output-format MP4 –save “%%f.mp4” –quit

Step 2: Confirm the Program Installed path is true to your computer (where avidemux is located)

Step 3: Save the .txt file

Step 4: Rename the “New Text Document.txt” to “convert.bat”

Step 5: Place the convert.bat file into the folder of videos you want to convert, and double click on it. (You can download my convert.bat file here.) It will automatically convert every avi file to an mp4 for you. Just let your PC idle while it does all the work.

Like I said, I did not figure this out on my own, I found all my info on a Roku Thread. I just wanted to share it again, in case that thread disappears. Thanks user pixeltricks!


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