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Baby Time

On Wednesday, December 18th, Taryn went to her scheduled OB appointment. She called me at about 1130, crying, Dr. Cyr (her OBGYN) was concerned that Taryns blood pressure was too high and said we better go to the hospital and run some tests.

I left work and met Taryn for lunch before heading to the hospital. I was excited to finally meet my little girl. Taryn was just scared of what was going wrong. We checked into triage and got a series of tests done to check risks to the baby. All the tests came out positive, with Taryns blood pressure being the only concern.

Dr. Cyr decided to admit us and begin the induction process. We had Steve and Karen bring down the few things we didn’t have with us. Taryn was given cervadil. After 5 hours she started having intense contractions, and she asked for an epidural. At 5am she was given the epidural and finally got some relief for the pain. Meanwhile they removed the cervadil, due to the fact that she was having plenty of contractions, but was not dilating.

The plan then became to wait for the contractions to slow down, in order to administer pitocin, to help her dilate. It has been 13 hours of waiting for the contractions to slow, a few minutes ago, we received the great news that they can start the pitocin!
The day has been full of waiting patiently, and impatiently as Taryn dilated some on her own and as we awaited the pitocin. Taryn has been a trooper through all of this, I am so proud of her and excited to continue waiting to hold my little girl.

I will add updates to this post as we have them, if you haven’t received notice from us, it’s because there is nothing to report. Love you all!

7:05 pm: Just FYI I had a chance to go home at noon to shower and shave, then I came right back to the hospital. My laptop, our iPads and the TV have been our entertainment all day.

9:15 pm: Been about one hour on pitocin, there have been record births today at St Joes, over 20 at this point! We have not checked her dilation in the last two hours. Last time we knew she was at 3 CM.

10:40 pm: We are getting a little down with all this waiting. If any of you have been induced, I am sure you understand. This hospital seems a bit understaffed, we have gone through almost 9 nurses at this point. Not fun at all. Medically, things are ok, waiting for Taryn to dilate. We both wish we could go for a walk or something, but stuck in this little room. We appreciate the love and messages, keep us in your prayers!

Friday – December 20th

12:10 am: Gettin tired, goin to sleep for a while. Will be checking progress around 2am.

3:50 am: Dilated to 4, increasing pitocin little by little. Need stronger contractions to help dilation. Taryn is tired of so many wires and being plugged in.

7:10 am: Still no baby. Not much to report, we got a lot of sleep last night, which was awesome. I’m sure they check dilation again soon.

8:40 am: Dr. Cyr just stopped by and told us we are having a baby TODAY. They just broke Taryn’s water in hopes it will progress things, she is currently dilated to 4cm. Whether naturally or not, Tatum is comin today!

10:40 am: Still no baby, goal is to have her here by 5pm. πŸ™‚

1:40 pm: Still no baby. Just a heads up, I have had a new phone number all year, but it seems some may have my old phone number still. The new number is 623-302-3132, please delete the old number you have for me.

4:25 pm: No baby yet. Sorry folks.

5:32 pm: Baby incoming! Dilated all the way!

8:36 pm: Tatum Faye Bryce was born, 6 lbs 14oz, 20.5″. Mom and Baby doing great!!!

9:55 pm: Mama is goin to sleep, needless to say she is exhausted. All four grandparents already came by. Tatum is so sweet! She is really alert and looking around, trying to figure things out.

I’m sure many of you want to come see her, but we have to ask you be patient. Tomorrow should be a good day for visitors. Gonna get some rest now.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers and messages. We love you all soooo much.

5:00 am: Tatum & Taryn are getting to know each other, it’s been quite the ride the last few days.

10:15 am: Updated to bigger pictures! And added one of Taryn and Tatum. Still tired as heck, since Taryn has been recovering I have been on baby duty. Love snuggling with her and falling asleep together.




Sunday, December 21st

2:10 am: We just got settled in our recovery room on the 4th floor. So much more space, comfier beds, and far fewer nurses bugging us. Time for sleep. Oh precious sleep.


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