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It won’t get done, until you do something about it.


Feel distracted much? I certainly do, and I know far too many sources of distraction for a healthy human being. I can list websites, games, movies, TV shows, and activities galore that distract me on a daily basis, and frankly it is destroying my self worth.

I have aspirations that beckon to me, begging to come to pass, yet I would rather take the easier option and watch some TV instead. At times I feel so overwhelmed with things that need to be done, or dreams waiting to be accomplished that I do not know where to start, so I fall to distraction.

Wait it Out

I go camping a few times a year, with at least one trip being during monsoon season. Without fail every year a big storm will come raging through, pea-sized hail included. During this time my family and I wait out the storm hiding under tarps, in tents, and in trailers, anxiously waiting for the storm to pass.

Life does not offer the same option. When there is a lot of house work to be done, you are the only one that can do it. When you have a long to-do list at work, there is no waiting it out.


Breaking bad habits can be a hard task, unless you have had a change of heart. (More about that later.) When a desire to change trumps the ease of neutrality, you will be victorious. This feeling of being “sick and tired of XXX” will bring with it radical means to change your habits, it will move you to rid yourself of distraction and trudge into the storm, head on. Step one complete, I can no longer “wait it out”.

In my case, I have had to delete my bookmarks to websites (and even edit my hosts file to “block” some), limit time for games, and steer clear from the TV. Step two complete, identifying and ridding myself of distraction.

Make a to-do list with goals to complete projects by a certain time or date. There are many,many, many, many, to-do list apps out there to help you stay organized. Step three complete, planning.

Now get out there and do some good for yourself and the world. I promise writing a blog post, doing the dishes, building that DIY project at home, or going to the gym will make you feel better than just sitting on the couch and pressing “Play”. Step four, forever in progress.

Though distractions run rampant in our world today, do yourself a favor and ignore them. We all have dreams that are waiting to be lived, so lets get out there and make them happen.

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