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New Job? Are You Sure?

So I know I have been a little presumptuous by the postings on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter these days, but I want to take a moment and describe exactly what it is I am doing with this whole new job idea.

**First off, this by no way means I have accepted a job offer, nor have I put in any sort of notice I am leaving my current job. **


As a quick run down for those who don’t know my current job situation, let me attempt to paint the picture.

My main income is from my 6am-3pm job: I run a warehouse, Sunblock Materials, selling roofing materials, it is a one man show where I do the books, grunt work, and maintain the professional relationships. As luck would have it I can complete the majority of the work of running this business in just a few hours of the day, which means I have plenty of free time at work. (Yes my employer knows this.)

Besides the warehouse job, I also run two of my own companies, Blue Mammoth Design &Jackrabbit Rentals. I have worked out with my employer the opportunity to run my companies while in his employ, as long as his company gets the attention it needs.

That means even though I am at the warehouse for 8-9 hours a day, I only spend a few hours doing that work, and the rest of my day is spent on Design, Marketing, Consulting and Renting out my Teardrop Trailer.

This has been an amazing opportunity to learn about business, work with family, have Freedom to plan out my own day, and control my life. Everyday is what I make it.

A Little Back Story

Prior to serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I worked for the Phoenix Police Department as a Police Records Clerk. It was a job I received as part of a school to work program in high school, I spent half of each day of my senior year at work for the PD. I loved working with the Phx PD, I learned so much and had a blast, at one point I even worked in the Forensic Imaging Unit, talk about a cool job. I had to leave this secure government job in order to prepare for a mission, but I always planned to come back.

Upon my return from Mexico the economy had tanked which for me meant the City of Phoenix had a very tight budget and had a lot of hiring freezes. That meant no job for me. So I decided to go back to school, take some Criminal Justice courses, volunteer at the PD, and keep my fingers crossed I could get a job again, specifically in the Forensic Imaging Unit. Time marched on, I became a busy young adult; FHEs, dates, part time job at Bank of America, School, homework… Next thing I know I am getting engaged and need a better job to support her, STAT!

I started working at a family company, Gryphon Roofing, doing data entry to supplement my meager income. Trying to find away to budget out living alone with my future wife. Our wedding day came and went, and I needed more income, I quit working at Bank of America to work at Gryphon full time. I became the marketing director, being taught by the owner himself how to manage his marketing plan for his company. This is when I dove into web development, learning HTML, CSS and PHP, all in order to improve my skills to be a better employee.

Russ Hyman

Russ Hyman is one of my first cousins, he is the principal owner of Gryphon, an owner of the warehouse I work at, and he has taught me more than I could ever repay him for. He is the one who embraced this young kid (me), saw potential, and helped push me into it. I have learned all I know about business from him, I feel very much like I am an understudy in his tutelage. I owe him for such an amazing job position I am currently in. I am 25 years old running 3 small profitable companies, all in a 8-10 hour day.

So why would I want to leave such a stellar job situation?

I started working with Russ, knowing that I ultimately wanted to work at the Phoenix PD again. I have even applied and received this same job I am applying for now, the problem last time was that although they wanted to hire me, the City shut down the available position at the 11th hour.

Although I have a great income, and am learning ways to increase that daily, I feel a little apprehensive about benefits. Medical care, for me, my wife and our future kids. I worry about a retirement plan, I worry about stability no matter what the media states our economy is like.

Those apprehensive feeling I have, look like they can be solved by a secure job, offering great benefits (as we all know a lot of Government agencies do). But is that enough to offset the great life I am living know?

I don’t know that I want this job anymore

The plan in the back of my mind was always to return to the public sector and work at the PD. However this entrepreneurial spirit that Russ instilled in me wants to roam free and make what I can in the Private Sector. (Remember although the Public sector has great benefits, the Private sector has great pay.)

Where I am Now

I applied for the job, just because it is what I have been “waiting for”. I was chosen for an interview, which I had last Thursday, which went great. (It always helps when you have had the job you are currently applying for). Friday I received a call stating I was one of three candidates chosen to fill this full time position. Three people were chosen? Yep, next step is the background check, a process which involves checking into your entire life’s history and going through the skeletons in your closet to ensure you are the type of person the PD wants to hire. They choose three people, just in case not all can get through this background check. This process takes at least one month, and can take much longer.

The question now comes, do I take the pay cut and the freedom cut for the benefits? Or do I stick to my guns as a Dave Ramsey follower and live like no one else today to make my future more secure?

This is life, decisions must be made, welcome to it.


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