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Election Day

There is an energy in the air, seldom felt at 6:30 am. Today voters across the United States will decide on many factors including; the Presidency, Senators, Members of the House, Amendments, and Local Leaders. Changes will be wrought today.


I cast my vote a few weeks ago via mail in ballot. I decided to write in my vote, as I am against the two party system we are currently locked in. It is a sentiment I have felt since I started analyzing politics for myself. A few years back I even made this poster up, as I realized how broken our system is.

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Hope for Change

I hope today is the day that the Libertarian party will break the status quo and get at least 5% of the votes, which allows them to be listed as a major political party for 2016. Hindsight being 20/20 I can see that I should have joined in the vote for Gary Johnson, as he was the listed candidate for the Libertarian party. Instead I wrote in the name of Texas Governor Ron Paul, having known more of his views on politics than those of Gary Johnson. Alas, I hope that this Libertarian party will help spur new life into a rather dusty old government. I realize now how much more my view align with their cause of “Minimum Government, Maximum Freedom.”

A few years ago the rising of the “Tea Party” excited me to politics, the grass roots movements and seeing people stand up against our current state of affairs brought a sense of pride. However, time moved on and I realized I am a bit more progressive than they are. I came to a point where I took an online quiz for the Republican primary, “Which Republican candidate do you reside with closest?” Ron Paul was at the top of my list. I had heard of the man, but not his views, so I sought out more information to the point where I became a supporter of his. This eventually introduced me to the Libertarian party and to where I stand today.

Our Nation was founded on great principles, and we should honor those great principles. The founding fathers escaped from Europe for seek freedom, a freedom from the notion of Church & State being one. They instituted rights wherein men can be free to live, worship and believe what they may. As time has marched on we have amended our constitution to hold up those same rights to include more people, and more freedoms. Government should not exist to limit the people, but to free the people.

As a divided nation of two parties, we stand to fall. If we can all step back and look at what we want for the future, not just what we want right now, maybe we can make a change.

Update 11/7/12: I have written a follow up post to my discredit.

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