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“Election Day” – Follow Up

This is a follow up post to my post written yesterday.

So my friend Sean and I had a little back and forth on Twitter, wherein he mentioned adding a third party to the mix won’t help anything, which, I of course immediately started defending. (That is the way we are as prideful humans, assuming our chosen stance is the correct one.)

He commented that the problem does not lie in the two party system and eluded it was much more of a problem with the electoral college and the way we elect a President.

I definitely understood his point, seeing the popular vote tallies (59,693,706 vs. 57,069,517)* against the electoral vote tallies (303 vs. 206)* shows the election was a much closer race. It is something I have thought about in the past, but not have put significant thought into.

I will explore more thoughts such as these and report my ideas and findings.

Before I finish I will mention one article I read this morning that pretty much kills my previous post. It is titled, “The Mistake that is the Libertarian Party” (which is written by a Libertarian). Which definitely has me rethinking my theories.

Thanks for reading my views and words I’d love for your feedback below.

* – Source: http://election2012.npr.org/results-map.html (8:09 am Mountain Time 11/7/2012)
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