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My Website Re-Designs

Being a Web Designer gives me the chance to re-design my site when ever I want. I would venture to say that 90% of Web Designers have the desire to re-design their site at least twice a month. As a designer you spend your time searching the web for inspirationi which I find myself thinking, “Oooooh, I want my site to look like THIS!” and then a few minutes later I find something even more cool.

My constant re-design ends here!

Having many projects going on typically pulls me away from the design of my own website. So I start a re-design process and only ever get 70% of the way through before paying clients want my attention. This time I decided to see my design through, taking all the proper steps I would have with any of my clients. I am quite pleased with the results, the original design mock-up and the final product are well inline with each other. That being said I commit myself to this design for at least one year, (with the exception to updates & possibly making the design adaptive to smaller screens).

Check out the design mockup.



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