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My last few shoe blogs have been about the new shoes I have gotten, and I haven’t finished blogging about my old shoes! So I’ll finish my old before I blog about my new ones.


If you remember from my earlier blog entries I said my nice flats aren’t very colorful…. I only have two pairs that aren’t a neutral color. (yellow, for my wedding, and red because “I had to have them”)

The shoes on the left, with the pink, my step-mom bought for me when I in high school. I don’t remember why? The shoes on the right I bought to wear at work when I wanted to dress up for Halloween as a “Pink Lady” from “Grease”. I looked pretty dang good! 🙂

Full outfit

“Hey there…..Stud!”

I don’t remember why I got the shoes on the left, but I do remember thinking they were a little crazy because they were “snake skin”. The shoes on the right, I remember looking for a brown pair of flats, but I couldn’t find any I liked for cheap. So I bought these because they were on sale, and I was depressed so I had to buy some sort of shoe!

These babies took me FOREVER to find! Seriously….I had been looking for a gray pair of flats for months and months. Then I found these! (Read about that story here). I so excited! It was a great day!!


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