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THE HOUSE IS DONE, and it’s a good feeling. Everything is in it’s place. Yes, we could make more improvements, but nothing that needs to happen now.

So since the house is all done we had our friend Annie, who’s is a FANTASTIC photographer take pictures of us for our 2 year anniversary and our new house! Now she didn’t take pictures of every room in our house so some pictures will be from her, and some are from my phone!


Our Home





Welcome to our Humble Abode


Thanks Kevin & Tracy Johnson for our Garden Friends!



Favorite part of the house


Favorite part of the house


Reading Nook


Yup, those ARE cheesy 90 pictures behind us




Yup - it's 2 stories





Lovely decorations, thanks to Karen


Antique tins, always fancy!


Greenery and Grandma Smith's Strawberry cookie jar



90% of our day.



Now for the Upstairs!


Master Bedroom




My shoes!!!!


Mirrors anyone?


Current guest bedroom



Grandma Larson Tea Cups



Massage Room





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