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The American Dream

Kids running in the yard, smiling, giggling, and loving life. Sitting on the front porch swing, admiring life and nature.

At least that is what I picture when I think of, “the American dream”.

I digress to my participation in the American dream. After a couple of months in our home, we are still loving it! I can not say enough how nice it is to have some space, some stability, and room to grow. (to our family members reading this, NO we are NOT pregnant!). We have already run into our own little homeowner experiences with the A/C deciding to throw a fit, but nothing to discourage the happy feelings of home ownership.

Just the other day I was at a friend’s house, he asked, “How are things going with you two?” to which I replied, “I can honestly say its been fantastic, I have heard from a lot of people that the first few years of marriage are hard, however I have not had that experience, I am really happy.”

Two responses came to that statement.

The first was from him, “Good, honestly, you guys look it.(happy)”

The other was from a passerby who stopped with a look of being touched on her face, she had her hand to her chest and said, “Sorry to interrupt, but that is the most refreshing thing I have heard from a young married person. It touched me.”

Thinking about her statement has made me reflect on what it is that makes me happy in life. Yeah, we bought a house (a pretty sweet one too). We bought a new car, (for those who don’t know I did end up buying a car – 2012 Dodge Avenger. 3 letters: MPG) and we have decently outfitted our home with the necessities. However these aren’t the things that have brought me to the statement I made to my friend.

What I really am happy about is no matter what happens between Taryn & I, we move forward. We make decisions together for our good, (and when we don’t we usually end up fessing up and eating crow for it later) and try and be prudent with what we have. When I proposed to Taryn back in 2009 I was making VERY little money, had no real education and didn’t have a sure plan. However as time has progressed we have made & found opportunities to move along further in life.

Sure, we struggled. But not in our relationship, we both had already committed ourselves to that. We struggled financially, socially (lack of other married friends), and also emotionally (its rough having to move in with your parents although you are married.) But the constant through it all was our family; her & I.

The Lord has since blessed us for our hard work, hence all the material blessings we have recently received.

This is my American Dream:

Listening to the radio, inhaling the “new car” smell, and commuting the 30 miles back to the corner of the world I call home in Glendale, AZ. Arriving to a 17 year old house who’s walls protect what I hold dear. Entering into a family room where I can be 80% sure my wife will be in. Having food in my fridge/pantry. Sitting down and cuddling up to my wife, who I know will be with me forever, even when all these other blessings will pass. And some day, I will get to hear those children laughing, until then I am thankful for my American Dream.


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