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MY SHOES-Cute Comfy

So as you know I am all about comfort, but cute comfort. My Moccassins (shoes on the right) are pretty dang comfy. I got them on our Honeymoon in Sedona almost 2 years ago. (Can you believe it? I’ve been married for almost TWO years! CRAZY!) So they hold a special value, AND I got them at the outlet store there so they were on sale! WOOT WOOT!! Double Whammy! I don’t think I will ever give/throw them away just for those reasons, and of course i love them! 🙂

My Sperrys (the shoes on the left) are actually the most expensive pairs of shoes I own! 80 bucks, but totally worth it! I bought them as a “good job!” for working at NAU for S.E.P. I love them because they have really good padding on the bottom so when I first put them on its like stepping into a cloud! haha I was told they should last me a really long time! I can’t wait to find out! 😀


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