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Moving: Emotions Gone Crazy!

As most of you know we bought a house, So I wanted to blog about my feelings/experiences with moving!

First: Excitement: Finally finding a house that you can afford is always a great thing, especially if the house is 3 times bigger than your previous place! (like our house)

Second: Waiting: It’s the worst! Do i really need to say much else. It definitely takes most of the excitement of finding a house. You put down an offer and wait to see if they will take it. They say yes, so then you have to wait to sign the the paper for a loan. You get the loan, then you have to wait to get more documents to sign. Wait for them to go through all of your finances to see if your able to pay for everything. UGH….it’s getting me upset thinking about all the things we went through…its the worst!

Third: Packing: Any normal person hates packing. Having to put things in a box just to unpack it a few hours or days later is super annoying. I couldn’t pack much without Devin. I would just get frustrated about the whole idea, I wouldn’t do it! One thing I really hate about packing big boxes. They are so big you just keep putting more and more things in to the point where you can’t pick it up. So you have to take some out and put it in another box. If I had it my way, there would be no big boxes just medium and small. Yes, you would have more to lug everywhere, but you can lift them all, and I say that’s worth it!

Fourth: Loading and Unloading: Loading and Unloading  isn’t  so bad if you have a lot of people to help you, (Which we did, Thanks to our wonderful families) but it’s still a pain because you know there is this one piece of furniture that is super heavy,and you need 5 guys just to get in and out of the trailer. Luckily we didn’t have any furniture that needed more than 2. I just say that from moving experiences with my family!

Fifth: Unpacking: I love this part….I love putting things away, and finding out you have way more cubbard space then you did in the prevous place. Making things look nice and tidy! I just love making things look pretty in any situation not just moving.

Sixth: Being Done: I haven’t accomplished this yet but I can only imagine how fantastic it will be! 🙂

Buying a house definitely has it’s ups and downs, but it’s totally worth it! I’m so happy we were able to do this. We are surely blessed!


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