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Shopping can be either a great or an awful thing. For me lately, it’s been frustrating. (when buying shoes) Especially when there is something I really want, but it’s no where to be seen. I look in every possible store I can think of, but I can’t find them. That’s how it was for me when finding gray clogs. Well one day, I  had nothing better to do, I was browsing online and found myself at Amazon.com. I was searching through the many many shoes they have, and I found these! I got all sorts of excited! Sad thing was I found them close to Christmas, and the number 1 rule is: 

You can’t buy anything for yourself if someone else knows you want it.

So I put them on my handy dandy Amazon wishlist! Hoping someone would get them for me, and I GOT THEM! I was SUPER excited when I saw them!  It was a good Christmas!  😀

They are a little small, but I don’t care! They are super cute, and I’ve wanted some for a long time! 🙂


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