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My plate is full

Time and tasks are a very curious subject to talk about. I originally set out to write about how busy my life currently is. However in doing so I realize that I am procrastinating in getting things done; this has brought me to the question; “Working Hard or Hardly Working?”

Working Hard

My work life is quite unique; as, I am sure, most entrepreneurs are. My day job consists of running a wholesale distribution company named Sunblock Materials. My day is split up between running a warehouse, managing inventory and a large cash flow. Believe it or not, that is the easy part of my day. In the meantime I have started my own company, Blue Mammoth Design, to offer graphic design & marketing consulting to small businesses. I have an agreement worked out with my employer (who happens to also be my main client) to do my design work while at the office. My main client is Gryphon Roofing & Remodeling, a business that is owned and operated by members of my family, for which I work as a Marketing Director.  I design all of their marketing materials, manage marketing initiatives and provide ROI analysis on data. Besides Gryphon, I have several other clients for whom I have done design work, web development and even some I.T. work for.  A few have even gone as far as hiring me as their webmaster. As you can imagine, being a Office/Warehouse Manager and a Small Business owner keeps me quite busy. Considering the nature of my business, graphic design, I feel like I have invested more than just time into my clients and their businesses. The connection I make with my clients makes me feel like part of their business, the mutual reliance tethers us together. I love these relationships I have built and take pride in my work.

Aside from the business aspect of life; my personal life has its own challenges. My wife and I are in the middle of purchasing our first home for which I had to sell my vehicle to for the down payment. (Currently I am driving a borrowed vehicle from my father.) About a year ago now; my father-in-law turned me on to Dave Ramsey; so we have our debt reduction plan going on (ironically while we are buying a house.) To top that off I need to de-stress somewhere! I am a mid-core video gamer, meaning I enjoy video games and dedicate time to them, but I don’t compete in leagues nor professionally. Which means I typically play at least one hour of video games a day.

Hardly Working

When facing 20 new emails a day, “to do” lists for clients, and a personal life; procrastination really starts to weigh down on my shoulders. For example;

Yesterday was packed with paying bills, getting together purchase orders and invoicing customers at Sunblock. (all while fighting the temptation to distract myself with a YouTube video or my Kindle). This meant that my design work was pushed until I went to my home office. Once home I had a snack, and started playing some video games. I was interrupted by a friend who needed some tech support; so as soon as that was taken care of I went back to video games. At about 9:00 pm I finally shook off the procrastination, sat down and got to work. I needed to design 7 folder inserts which needed to be ready for print at 9:00 am today. At about 11:30 my wife asked me, “Do you realize what time it is?” I could hear the concern in her voice, she knows I wake up at 6:00 am for work. I focused even harder on my designing and an hour later I was done. Being 12:30 am I send an email to the client asking for approval on the proofs and hope to get in contact with them early to beat the 9:00 am deadline.

In all honesty; staying up late to make this deadline was not necessary. Had I got to work when I got home I could have finished at a decent hour; instead procrastination won me over. Whether YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, my Kindle or Xbox there are many tools for procrastination at my finger tips. I find myself justifying the procrastination simply with the thought of, “think of all you do, you deserve this”.


So this brings me to the question I pose to you, my readers, is my procrastination actually justified? What ratio of working:fun should there be? Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.





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