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Learning New Tricks

I have made nearly 30 websites by this point in my life, and as I progress I look back at some of my work and cringe.

Yep, cringe.

I cringe because how heavily I relied upon duplicating someone else’s work to learn and get through each project. Up until now, I feel like I have borrowed far too many ideas, even blog entries, from others.

No I am not saying we aren’t entitled to some good ole fashion inspiration. But to let it inspire you, not guide you.

That being said, for the first time I have sketched, planned, coded and created my website from scratch.

Learning from the Past

The beauty of being a designer, is that we create a portfolio of all the work we have done in the past. It is very easy to pull up a flyer or website you designed 2 years ago.

Most of us will be able to see a gradual shift in design styles and skill level. Everytime I learn a new trick, it gets thrown into the mix and great graphic design comes of it.

I take this phenomenon as a good thing, if you aren’t improving your craft then you aren’t progressing to offer the best design.


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