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Intensity by Dean Koontz

Overall Rating: 3/5 stars


Author:  Dean Koontz
Number of Pages: Unk – Read on Kindle
Fiction – Genre:  Thriller
Nonfiction – Subject: n/a


How I discovered this book:

A friend of mine has referred me to Dean Koontz many times, telling me I should read this book, and that. I typically read at least the synopsis of the book when a recommendation finds its way to me; which I have always done with his suggestions about Koontz. Well, most recently he swore than I needed to read Intensity, no matter what. I could tell he was dying to talk to someone about the book. I mean, I’ve been there, I am positive my mother read the Harry Potter series as well as the Tennis Shoes Adventure series just for me; because I wanted to talk to her about them. (Simply put, my mom loves me. Haha) So I decided sure, I will read this book.

When & where read:

Day to day life: Lunch hours, before bed, etc…

Noteworth experiences while reading this book:


Rate on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest):

Quality of writing: 8
Pace: 6
Plot development: 7
Enjoyability: 7
Insightfulness: 6
Ease of reading: 5
Photos/Illustrations: n/a

Notes & Opinions:

Being my first experience with Koontz I can’t generalize this statement amongst all of his writing. However, he seems to be one of those authors who gives just a tad too much detail in the wrong moment. Although to attempt to stay positive he truly created an utterly intense book; deep character histories, true psychological thoughts, and unique situations.


Link to Wikipedia including plot summary & resolution.

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