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Family Time

Because of the Holidays, Devin and I have spent a lot of time with our families. I don’t know about Devin, but I’ve enjoyed them:

 Halloween was fun, watching all the kids get excited to get some “canny”, and in their cute costumes.

Thanksgiving is just a great Holiday in it’s self (and my hubby’s favorite holiday)…. Giving thanks and eating ’till you’re about to puke.

Chrismas is also a great Holiday for giving to others, and showing love to people who need it.

 Finally New Years; a celebration to the start of a new year, and reminisce about the old one.

I love all of these days/seasons, for some reason they bring most families together! It’s a good feeling to know that we always have somebody/people in our lives to be there for us when we need help.

Devin & I enjoy our small family; and although we are only two we still enjoy the blessings of having a family. In this time that our family remains small; we have brothers, sisters, parents and in-laws to keep us busy & full of love. As time marches forward we may add to this family; but for now we are happy.

I love my families! 🙂


Whiting Reunion 2011

Thanksgiving/ Grandma Bryce's Birthday 2011



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