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Branding, Logos & More

Having done much research on the subject of Branding, Logos and a company image. I feel the need to consolidate all of my research and links to their sources.


From Business Card to Billboards, your marketing efforts define a brand & company image to the world. “Branding is so dependent on customer perception, customers have certain assumptions and expectations of companies that have an established brand.”

There are different levels of Brands;

  • Mega brands such as Nike & Coca-Cola
  • Average brands like American Eagle & Mossimo
  • Small brands like Sundt Construction company
  • Mom & Pop brands like Blickenstaffs

But the common factors these brands have is consistency in message, color, & attitude.


Making Correct Use of Color

Color speaks to us all both consciously and subconsciously. Where we all have preferred colors; our minds are also affected by specific colors in different ways. Big companies have done a lot of research on color learning how to use it to induce feelings of hunger, power & success.


Have you ever been driving down the freeway, caught a glimpse of a van with the word “carpet” on it, but you couldn’t make out the company name? You were just thinking about getting your carpets cleaned; but not being able to read the company name you just made a decision in your head to just search for a company online. Had the designer of the Carpet Company’s logo had thought to be more simple with the logo – you may have remembered the company name.

When researching big companies’ logos you will notice that a good portion of them are very simple. Sticking to fonts such as Arial, Helvetica & Tahoma; all Sans fonts.

Keep it readable & memorable.


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