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MY SHOES-Tennies

 I LOVE tennies! (For those of you who don’t know ‘Tennies” are the pet name I have given to Tennis Shoes) I have found that I actually want to buy tennies more than other types of shoes; unfortunately I always seem to have expensive taste so I don’t get them.

Speaking of my tennies; I especially love these 2 pair because they stir up memories, and it’s always fun to reminisce.

The DC’s (black ones), I got my first year I worked at SEP, (a summer camp at NAU). I was 20, and was NOT very good with saving money. So my most of my paychecks went to clothes and shoes! I went shopping everyday we had off, and spent loads of money! I went to Ross with my best R.A. (resident assistant) friend, Vanessa Jean, and we got all sorts clothes, and these shoes. We were so excited to shop because we would find things in both of our sizes. (she had bigger feet than I did) I do remember having to coax her into buying the DCs; She eventually gave in and we had matching shoes! 🙂  It was really fun! The shoes originally had 3 straps but we cut off the top one to make them look way cuter! I don’t know if she does still wears them, but I sure do! They have become my “Massage Shoes” that I wear to work.  LOVE THEM! 😀

The Ralph Laurens (Polo – plaid ones) don’t have a great story like the DC’s, but the Polo shoes I bought  my second year at SEP. That year at SEP I had been married for 3 months; being apart for 3 weeks ater so little time marries was a little hard because we missed each other! I know that’s SUPER gross and cheesey, but come on…..we literally JUST got married! Give us break! 🙂 So of course, when I got them Devin was with me and I couldn’t decided between 2 pair so I had Devin choose, and he picked those ones! That’s the story…..not as cute, but that’s the memory that goes with those shoes.   


These shoes don’t have a story they are just my tennis shoes.

The Nikes are my running shoes. They are very light weight which makes them very comfy to run in. I suggest you get some! They were kinda expensive, but my dad bought them….so it was ok! haha I’m only half kidding. 🙂

The Reeboks and K-Swiss, I got because they were black and white, and I “needed” some black and white tennis shoes.    

 oh and if you look closely I don’t tie them. I just tuck the laces into my shoes….Lazy. I know! 😀


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