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MY SHOES-Rain Boots

So in the spirit of these rainy days that are flooding our apartment complex I thought I’d tell you about my rain boots!

As many of you know; every summer I go up to my cabin in the white moutains, and every year it pours rain. I’ve always wanted to get some rain boots for trips to my cabin because it gets really muddy and gross, but I never have. It was always easy to say to myself, “I don’t need them, I’m always inside when it rains.”, however this past summer it came time to change all that. This year I would be outside most of the time; now that I am married to a “Camper” I knew I would be camping with his family in a tent for half of a week in the woods. As luck would have it the other half may have been in a tent, but it was by my cabin. So I  said to Devin, “I NEED these boots! I will be wet all the time, and in the mud!” and luckily Target  was having a sale so I got some!


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