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Beginnings in Web Design

I recently began working for a roofing company; hired as a data entry clerk. As unofficial and lowly this title may imply I quickly showed my worth in marketing the business. With my ambition to learn and an eye for design I set out to accomplish the dream of the president of the company, optimize the company website.

I first started out using Microsoft Exression Web as a WYSIWYG editor, I figured it would be easy. I quickly saw the error of my thinking as a simple Ctrl+C (copy) and Ctrl+V (paste) did not have the effect it does in Word. As I attempted to delve into the many foreign symbols such as <, >, =, “, ;, and } I immediately decided I needed to know more before I screwed something up.

I went straight to Google and YouTube and set out to learn all I could about the world of html, .css and more. I soon found one of my favorite YouYube tutorials was fromDreamweaverTutorial.co.uk, the videos made by James Brand on his website are killer! The tutorials offer simple, yet elegant ways to enhance web sites look and functionality.

Using my self-taught knowledge I did what the company president wanted and more. I created what is called a .DWT file (dynamic web template) a template that allows to make little changes to your site in a quick manner). This made my life much easier as I added more and more content to the site. Upon seeing my work the company president quickly changed my title to where it is today, Marketing Director. Creating many different marketing tools for the company including:

  • web sites
  • fliers
  • door hangers
  • letters/letter heads
  • pocket folders & inserts
  • pitch books
  • and more

This introduction to marketing design changed my whole outlook on life, I love going to work every day because I love to create and design.

BlueMammothDesign.com< is the birth child of an idea of my brother and I, wanting to create/design websites (my job) and host them as well (his job) as a hobby.

Edit (June 2012): MyBlueMammoth.com is the new domain where my site resides. My brother has taken a new path in life and I am using hosting with HostGator.

We currently have a few clients on our list that is growing by the week. As web enthusiasts we are here to create a great experience for you and your customers.

Added June 2012


Having learned so many things from others I thought I would make a repository of links to all the tutorials I learned from.


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