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I read an article on Dave Ramsey’s website about the “5th Communique of the 99%.” The article is a list of demands that the protestors have.

I can just imagine the group of people that got together to make this list; I am sure it looked something like a scene from NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” (See that scene here.)

Everyone arguing over their true purpose, so they ended up with a whole smorgasbord of demands. My favorite part of that article is quite possibly the first comment that follows it; it reads like this,

Dear Occupy Wall Street,

First off you cant say that you only have one demand when you make several demands. Second you need to do a little more research in American history, American laws, world history and American military. Many of the things that you call problems in america actually benefit the people, and many of the things that you call problems DO NOT EXIST. Finally…. stop calling yourself the 99 percent because many Americans who aren’t filthy rich don’t agree with you!! I’m one myself and I’m 19, working 30 hours a week at a minimum wage job while also going to school full time with NO scholarship!! So get off your butt and go back to college, or take the degree that you have and GET A JOB!


An American That Has Common Sense[/quote]

All I want to say is, thank you “American that has common sense”.

Dave Ramsey

Now since you are reading this, I feel the need to direct you to Dave Ramsey’s words to the OWS (Occupy Wall Street) movement.


[quote]The only problem is that I have no idea what their demands and goals are. And neither does anyone else… So in the absence of any clear goals, let me comment and offer some helpful advice in some areas that seem to be getting a lot of disorganized OWS attention.

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I am an avid listener of Dave Ramsey; he has the charisma to tell you what you need to hear when it comes to not only fiscal responsibility but also respect, honor and leadership.



Now my intention is to not discredit #Occupy at all, I feel that something needs to be done in this country to set our priorities straight. It is just unfortunate for the OWS movement are attempting to make too many changes at once with no real organization or structure. No organization and structure are a recipe for disaster.  As Dave Ramsey said, “…I’m not very impressed at the moment. I’m not impressed by your temper fit. I’m not impressed at your lack of goals and focus….”



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