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Disneyland: Day 4


No more amusement Parks – just a beach and a drive home.

Our three day park hopper tickets had expired, so we ate some breakfast, packed our bags and said good bye to Steve & Karen, they decided to head back to the Valley as soon as they checked out. The Acedos had planned another 2 days at Disneyland for just their family, so they took Sunday as a day for John to do homework, and to just relax in the hotel. The rest of us (Smiths, Allens and Bryces) headed for Huntington Beach; after a small detour for lack of GPS signal we got to the beach.

We claimed a spot just north of the Huntington Pier, and headed to the water. Only Tim & I had planned on actually getting in; considering it is October, however soon after Tim and I went swimming out in the surf we got TJ, Pamela, Levi & Keegan all nice and wet and playing in the ocean. Jamon joined Tim & I and we all went out to swim in the surf again, Jamon with his GoPro video camera in tow to record what it was like out there.

It was such a neat experience being out in the surf, feeling the power of crushing waves, swimming underneath them, riding big swells. It was something that I can’t quite explain.

After spending more time than planned at the beach and eating lunch we finally hit the tarmac to head home. After about an hour and a half, Taryn was already asleep, we hadn’t left the city yet, and I needed to get out of my wet beach clothes, and get some food in my belly again. I wanted to stop at In-n-Out but it was super packed, so I opted for the quicker solution, McDonalds.

After a brief stop Taryn & I were on our way across the Desert; chatting, singing and laughing. We arrived home around 10 or 11pm unpacked and went to bed in OUR bed.

5am came all to early today as I got up for work, but the trip was definitely worth it.



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