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Disneyland: Day 3


The “Not So” magic morning & “Oh So” magic night

With every 3 day park hopper ticket you get one “Magic Morning” in which you may enter the park 1 hour earlier than general admission. With that thought we were supposed to meet at 630 to get into the park at 7:00 am. Well after absolutely dragging our selves out of bed, Jamon & Kristen with their kids accomponied us for the magic morning, but since we dragged so much, we only enjoyed 20 mins of the Magic Morning, allowing us to ride the Matterhorn before the park opened up.

We met the Allen’s soon after and headed to Indiana Jones where Jamon, Taryn, TJ and I got stuck on the ride half way through. The lights turned on the animatronics turned off and we waited. After 8 minutes or so the ride started again and we were allowed to go a second time around. This time it broke down in the same EXACT spot. That is when we found out it was our exact car that was having a hyrdolauci failure. After that go round we opted to take a Fast Pass for any ride and got off. We then let Kristen and other go ride with a “Parent Swap”  – they rode quickly and we all headed to the Jungle Cruise to listen to a not so funny tour guide.

At this point we added Steve and Karen to the group and we headed to Splash Mountain to use our fast pass! We skipped a 45 minute line in a heart beat! Me, Taryn, TJ, Tim, Karen and Steve all loaded into one log (in that respective order Front – Back) and headed off on our Freezing journey that is splash mountain. Taryn and I ended up soaked, head to foot after just one ride; but it was FUN! So after that we let the family Parent Swap to ride again; and finally Tim, TJ and I went through the Single Rider’s entrance to ride one more time. TJ & I rode together in the back seat of a log. After those fun thrills we headed on to Toon Town for some kiddie fun.

After the heat of Toon Town got to us, Taryn and I decided it was nap time; we headed back to the hotel, stopping for Subway, and then passing out on our bed once again.

A couple of hours later we woke, ate the Subway and met the Allen’s at the entrance to Disneyland to attempt to regroup with the Family. We rode  a few rides in Fantasy land, went on Space Mountain again, then headed to the center of the park to watch the Fireworks show. If I thought there was a lot of people at California adventure; I was wrong! All of SoCal seemed to be in the same place. After wading through the river of foot traffic, we found a nice “open” area to stick the whole family where we watched the fireworks. I have never been a huge fan of fireworks watching, (i like playing with them more) but these fire works were really impressive. With Tinkerbell flying in from the Matterhorn and having different sections of the show themed to different classic movies. And finally having fireworks launched from 10 places around the park illuminating the entire night sky and everything within the circle of fireworks, aka us. Watching those fireworks was certainly impressive.

We then split up again, Steve & Karen called it a day. The Allen’s went to Frontier Land, while the Acedo’s, Smith’s & Us went to Fantasy Land. Thanks to John, Peter Pan was only a 10 minute wait. Then the carousel was next. And at last we spun SUPER fast in the Tea Cups. The Acedo’s broke away at this point leaving us with the Smith’s. We went on Space Tours for the 3rd time and split up with the Smith’s.

Taryn and I then went to the entrance of Disneyland and sat and watched as people left the park, the clock dinged midnight, meaning the park was now closed. We did some shopping, some picture taking and just tried to enjoy the magic of Disneyland. We then walked on back to the hotel, and fell asleep.



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