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Disneyland: Day 2


California Adventure

Today was started with a new resolve by Tim, Kristen and I to just walk in a big circle around the park and hit up every ride/event we came to. Attempting to get all the way around to enjoy the entirety of the park.

We first walked in to be greeted by big walls that stated something along the lines of,  “we are building/remodeling: Coming Summer 2012” So the main entrance was under construction as well as a whole new land they will be adding called “Cars Land” after the Disney film Cars.We were re-routed behind a large building leading into the park near Soarin’ over California and the entrance to the Grizzly Rapids ride. We started out heading counter clock wise; making the Grizzly Rapids ride the first ride we came to. Initially we said, skip, we’ll come back when it is hot, but then we realized the wait time was only 5 minutes. Soooooo, we went 3 times in a row! Heh, Tim, TJ and I went all 3 times, as opposed to the others constantly switched out. That ride is so much fun.

After getting soaked we wandered on to the next attraction being “The Adventure Zone” where it has a Summer Camp type feel to it. With animal tracks, zip lines, and a huge treehouse with a lot of different rope bridges.  It was a great place to let the kids run around and get out some energy. The kids had the chance to meet Russel from Disney’s film “Up”.

From there we moved on to the right side of the pier area, riding Emile Lockhart’s rockets; skipping a roller coaster ride because the line seemed to long. And moving on to the Toy Story ride/game near the big feris wheel. Unfortunately this line was about 45 minutes long, granted the game/ride was about 8 minutes long; it just seems to be a big hit at California adventure.

Ready….. Break!

At this point we broke for lunch, Taryn and I went and ate some Mexican food then we headed to the Hollywood Back-lot by ourselves to watch the Muppet 3D show, ride Monsters, Inc. and brave the Tower of Terror. After using the restroom I was ready to go scream as I fell 13 stories on the Tower of Terror. Two years ago when I first rode it, I was super scared. I am talking clammy handed, palm sweating scared to ride it. But this time I was just a tad nervous. It was fun to ride it with Taryn, I held on for dear life and screamed/yelled my vocal cords to oblivion. It was a blast. I made the girl next to me laugh because of my screaming. The rest of the night I went hoarse hehe.

Originally we were to meet together again at 5pm so Taryn and I then headed back to the entrance of the park to meet everyone, when we received a message saying, “Lets meet at 6 instead.” So we took the chance to ride Soaring over California, which is another Engineering/Technology wonder! Here is the description of the ride from Disney:

[quote] “Feel your feet dangle free as you are suspended up to approximately 45 feet in the air. You’re immersed inside a high-speed Omnimax film projected all around you on a massive 80-foot domed screen. Your flight is accompanied by calming movement and a tranquil musical soundtrack.”[/quote]

It was a good time.

Back together again.

As we convened together we gave Steve his birthday present which was dinner at a fancy restaurant inside California Adventure. So Karen and he ran off to eat there, while the rest of us resumed our fun at the park. Because Taryn & I just rode Soarin’ over California, we let the others ride while John and us took all the babies to “A Bugs land”.John had Mia, Taryn had Braxton and I had Levi (let’s face it, I had the best one). We went into the theater to watch the Bug’s life 3D movie/show which is a lot of fun when you go with new people. The show incorporates 4 dimensions as they have a 3D movie playing, and as different things happen you are either spritzed with water, fumagated with bad smell, a hornet pokes you in the back, and ants crawl under your butt. It is quite a show to experience, but when you have babies, they just don’t appreciate it.

We then headed into the kid’s rides area of the bug’s land to wait for the rest of the group to catch up. Levi ran circles around me. Braxton cried in Taryn’s arms and John held tight to Mia’s leash. By the time the rest caught up the Park was starting to surge with people. #1) Friday night = big crowd / #2) Three day weekend = big crowd / #3) Disneyland was closed for a Halloween trick or treat party for those who had previously bought tickets for it, so those who didn’t have tickets went to California Adventure (with us) & #4) The construction going on made the walkways & park smaller meaning less room for people. Lets just say that California Adventure was CROWDED! and I needed to get out.

Taryn and I were tired anyway and since we planned on going to Disneyland extra early tomorrow we left the park at about 830-9pm. It never felt better to get away from people and collapse onto our bed in the hotel.



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