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Disneyland: Day 1

So today we woke up around 7:30 to meet at breakfast and walk to the park together. It was this morning that I realized I didn’t bring my toothbrush, so I was given one from the hotel. I was kinda happy they would give guests toothbrushes and what not if we forgot them, however once I got the toothbrush, I see why they wanted to give them away.  It was plain white and the bristles were so soft they all bent over after one bushing.  Lame.

Anywho, we headed to Disneyland wearing our matching “Disneyland | Smith 11” shirts that Tim made us.

walking to Disneyland

Matching shirts!

The day consisted of few rides and a lot of waiting around.  Being one of our first family vacations like this, we would ride a ride then stand around for twenty minutes or so afterward trying to decide on where to go. Something about 16 people going to a theme park is kinda difficult. Especially with three 2 & 3 year olds.

Once Jamon’s and Shiloh’s families headed back to the hotel for lunch; Steve, Karen, Taryn & I got in some good rides, ate some food and made some good progress at enjoying the park. In a section of Frontier Land we found an Artist who had done, and was carving many different Pumpkins into Disney Jack O’Lanterns.  They were top notch and very creative, including Ratatouille and more.

At 6 we all met at the front of Disneyland again to regroup for the night activities at the park. The second parade of the day is at 6:30 so we quickly took claim to a section of sidewalk to have front row seats for the parade. I don’t know how to describe it other than that is was a Disney parade; movie themed floats, princesses, Mickey leading the way, and a lot of music.

Jack O'lantern : Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh Jack O'Lantern

After the parade we hit up Fantasy land for a ride or two, then it was decided to watch the newest Disney show at Disneyland called “Fantasmic” which is performed at Frontier Land on the Island and in the water.  It was very impressive, not gonna lie.  Lots of smoke, water, lights, music, and fireworks made it a fun show to see. The crowd that attended is what made me not enjoy it so much.

Shortly after we wandered to Fantasy land where a different production was taking place at the “It’s a Small World” castle. They projected photos and what not on the side of the castle making a little show out of the photos of the day; Taryn & I even showed up in the show! It was cool (but very loud).

We ended the day heading back to the hotel at about 11pm to get some rest for the next day.




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