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Disneyland: Day 0


a day of travels – meant to be spent on a beach, but instead in traffic and California rain.


The day started off well as Taryn and I got on the road just before 10 am (about an hour earlier than planned!) We drove and drove onto California, playing leap frog with 18 Wheelers and trying to beat the clock – we had left about 2-3 hours after the rest of the Smith families. At about Blythe we received news that Tim & Shiloh had a flat tire, but they were able to get it replaced at a tire shop in Palm Springs, so we caught up to them and kept trucking.

As we went through the mouth of the mountains at Palm Springs we were greeted by clouds, fog and rain. Couple that with California freeways and traffic and you get a bowl of stress. Taryn and I made it through unscathed, however John & Mariah were rear-ended on the freeway and the causer of the accident took off. Hit & Run, go figure. They were ok, just a little shaken.

Taryn & I arrived 30-45 mins ahead of everyone else, (which is crazy because we left 2 hours after them!). But we were the only ones with no car problems (or kids).

Holiday Inn

Our hotel: The Holiday Inn Express

Once at the hotel we had some mix up with rooms vs. suites and it took a few to get that mix up fixed. When that was done, we headed down to “Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Place” to eat some dinner. Needless to say the restaurant was themed after the movie, “Forrest Gump”.

After dinner I wanted to go to Huntington beach (as was the plan until the rain hit.) so Taryn braved the cold and came with me.  After shivering on a windy, but nonetheless beautiful beach, we headed back to the hotel where Taryn & I enjoyed our new room with a huge personal jacuzzi.  It was most certainly worth the $91/night we paid.





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