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Foo Fighters

Last night I went to my first Rock concert, Will scored some tickets to a box suite at the US Airways center to see the Foo Fighters& Cage the Elephant. I must say, it is crazy how loud they can play music and not blow any speakers. David Grohl of the Foo Fighters in an amazing guy, he sure is charismatic. He played the drums in the band Nirvana, he is lead vocals in Foo Fighters and can also shred on the guitar. He certainly rocked last night, playing to the crowd and with passion.

Looking for new home

Having started Blue Mammoth, I have found that I need more desk space and a better computer to efficiently get work done. I can’t believe I started designing on my Dell Laptop with a very poor screen resolution; I am sooo ready to get an i7 processor with a kicking graphics card. Something along the lines of this.

House for Sale

But besides that I need more office space! Not just a desk, but a filing cabinet and a shelf. I get these weird fits of organizing where I like things to be in their place; when I can have a place for them. So our 806 square foot apartment is not cutting it anymore, where once it was big, it is getting small. This leads us to once again looking for a new home. With the housing market crash a few years back, there are a plethora of options for us to choose from. Yet it is a difficult decision to make, “where do I want to make my life?”   -Devin

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