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Summer Family Time Pt.1

So this summer was way crazy and a lot of things went on; there is so much to tell I’m just gonna put up some pictures and say short things about them.

First Devin and I went on a little camping trip to Payson and went to the Tonto Natural Bridge which was WAY cool I loved it! There was a waterfall and I totally went under it! 🙂


Devin’s brother had a sweet little boy, Canon Brooks Bryce!

My brother’s cute baby boy Braxton was blessed at my dad’s house, it was fun to come together to celebrate this sweet boy!

My brother’s kids, Keegan and Braxton. They are both clones of my brother! Its crazy cute!

This is what my brother and sisters do everytime they want their kids to smile at the camera. Everytime!
My brother’s family: Jamon, Kristen, Keegan and new Baby Braxon! So cute!


The day before Braxton’s blessing was my birthday and Devin took me
shopping, and this is my cute new outfit!
These are gifts my Mother-in-law gave me! I LOVE DR. PEPPER! Thanks Sheri!

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