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Lately I’ve been wanting to blog about something, but I didn’t know what about. Last night I decided the subject would be my mom.


I’ve been missing her more than usual lately and I’m not sure why. So maybe it will help me feel better to tell you stories that I remember about her.

One thing a remember most about her is she loved to dance.

She went to BYU in the 70s, and was a ballroom dancer there. She even performed in some competitions, I don’t know if she won anything, but she was surely good at it.

It’s where us girls got it from. It’s a shame not all of us are the best at it (**cough** Mariah, hehe) like she was.

She would dance around the house to her favorite CD’s: Yanni, The Carpenters, and Scottish Moores.


  • Yanni was this guy that played the piano really well, and had long hair. She thought he was so dreamy. Dad took her to one of his concerts and I remember her being SO excited for it!



  • The Carpenters, were her all time favorite. They were a band in the 70s who were a big hit, and if you don’t know who they are, climb out from under that rock you are hiding under and Google’em! ALL of us kids pretty much know every one of their songs. My sister Shiloh is even teaching her kids one of their songs! It’s cute!



  • Now Scottish Moores wasn’t one she would dance to, it was her relaxing CD to listen to. It’s one of those soundscape CD’s. We listened to it a lot when she was sick.


Mom was a perfectionist cleaner.

She loved to clean; she cleaned houses for awhile, so she had a system for everything.

She cleaned this Semi truck loading dock’s office and we would all go with her sometimes. I was young and thought it was cool to go with mom to help.

(Oh my goodness I can remember this sooo well!!!!)

When cousins would come from out of town to visit we would have to clean the enitre week before, making sure the house was perfect when they walked through the front door. Now that was not fun.

It’s kinda crappy because I think I’m the only kid out of us 4 who got her perfectionist cleaning ways. That trait was not a trait I wanted. Devin hates it because sometimes I watch him clean something and the whole time I’m thinking “You’re doing it wrong…you’re doing it wrong!” and usually I can’t handle it so I stop him and show him the “right” way. He gets upset and decides he just isn’t gonna clean anything anymore.

Mom LOVED Snoopy!!!

Well I guess it wasn’t just Snoopy it was the whole Charlie Brown gang. She collected trinkets, cups and things of all the characters, not just Snoopy.

When we moved into my grandma’s house in 1995, Shiloh and I slept in my mom’s old room, there were Charlie Brown things all over! Cups, pillows, little statues of Snoopy and Woodstock in his dog house, and little things like that. It was cute!

Mom was NOT a morning person.

Not at all! Mom never got up to wake us kids get up for school or church in the mornings. It was always Dad! She would wait ’till the exact moment she had to wake, not any earlier than she had to, or any later. She would let the alarm go off a few times, but lots of people do that!

I have a few things of hers that shows she wasn’t a morning person. One is a shirt with a duck that looks awful, has curlers in its “hair” and a mug of coffee in her hand. The caption says “I don’t do mornings.”

I also have a coffee mug with snoopy laying of top of his dog house that says “I think I’m allergic to mornings”.

Mom just hated mornings. I remember that she would help herself wake up by sitting on the tub to put on her make-up and drink a glass of chocolate milk every morning. I would go in sometimes to take a few sips and she would snap at me sometimes and say “that’s mine get your own!” So you can see that she didn’t do mornings very well!

None of us kids do mornings well either. We are all awful in the morning (some more than others……like Me), but still….awful!

I miss her a lot.

I’m sad she’s not around for the important things in my life, but I’m lucky enough to know that I will be with her again.

I am sealed to her forever, knowing that makes her passing much easier!

I know my mother is near me at times, I always take a minute to talk to her and tell her what’s going on in my life. Even though she already know I just like to tell her!


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