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About Me – Repost from BlueMammothDesign.com

In reviewing old websites and files I found this “About Us” page for the first BlueMammoth Design website; I have come so far.


I guess this should be titled “AboutMe

Where to begin! Blue Mammoth Design began in October, 2010 as I, (our Lead Designer and can I mention, only web designer) Devin, had an idea to make a website of all the web tricks, lessons and widgets I was learning. That was when I registered my personal domain of DevBryce.us. DevBryce.us was a place for me to practice and post my childish, yet stylish web design. Why the “.us” you may ask? Simple answer, bad economy! Hah, I am only a webdesigner by hobby, and thus the income that comes from it isn’t all that much, the “.us” domain name was just a way to outlet my need for personal creation. After learning all the necessities of good design practices, I decided it was time to create an online portfolio and image for myself. BlueMammothDesign.com was registered shortly thereafter and was pieced together over a few weeks (and still continues) to what it is today.

I am based out of Phoenix, AZ and have clients from Glendale to Gilbert spanning the entire valley. I should let it be known I do take my time creating, designing, and dreaming up new site due to the fact that this is my hobby. Unfortunately for both me (because I enjoy coding html & css) and you as clients because that means your site might take longer to get up and running than if you were to go to a company to do your designing. I am an honest, hard worker and care for what I do. Putting “Blue Mammoth Design” on a page is like a stamp of approval. This stamp of approval is my way of saying, “I designed this, and am proud to take full responsibility of everything that entails.” You will get the highest of my quality by working with me.


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