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Epic day….

Dr. Cathcart (my Chiropractor) gave my business card to one of his patients so I could give her and her boyfriend a massage at their house. All I could think was, “Oh my lanta!”, I was so nervous. I asked Devin drive me because I was so nervous! He waited 2 hours in the car. Isn’t he the greatest! 🙂 No worries he kept busy…he read his kindle and took naps…I’m lucky aren’t I? Anyways….I was nervous and I kept saying, “I don’t wanna do it”… “I’m gonna throw up.” … and “I’m having a heart attack.” over and over again; I’m surprised Devin didn’t punch me in the face; I was being so annoying. We got there a little early so we waited a few minutes; I didn’t want to be too early so Devin suggested that we go get a Dr.Pepper to help me calm down a bit. It helped. Another reason why I love Dr. Pepper it keeps you awake and calms you down when you are nervous! We got back to the house and I shook/danced off my jitters went inside and did my thing. It went really well. I did everything I planned out in my head and then some. I had them write down comments of what they thought of the massage, giving me feedback for improvement, the best part is that they both said they loved it! It was amazing! I actually felt like a Massage Therapist. I did my job, and according to them I did it well. After that Devin and I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond to get us some more sheets then to Marshall’s to get me a new dress for Cindy’s wedding and our cruise. It was a good day! I feel really good about myself right now! I see more days like this coming my way! 🙂


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