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MARCH down the "isle"….

There are two VERY exciting things happening this March so it needs to get here pretty fast!
1. On March 5th Devin’s sister, Cindy is getting married to Eric Tafoya! They got engaged on New Years eve..cute huh! 🙂 They only dated for a year; however it felt way longer because I had a feeling they were going to get married pretty quick into their relationship. Also the fact that Eric is a butt, so he would tease me all the time about it. So, I was extremely excited when I found out. I think I was more excited than anyone else in the family. She’s the one of the last Bryce’s to get married so we are super excited/happy for her!

2. On March 6th to the 12th let me just say….CRUISE BABY!!! Devin and I are going on a cruise with our best friends The Weeks to Cabo San Lucas! We are leaving right after the wedding, and Cindy is kind of jealous because we are going and she’s not. This is our first cruise and we are SUPER SUPER excited! First time going on a cruise + The Weeks = Extremely fun!

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