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Oh Christmas tree…..

So I was kinda bummed for this Christmas because I wouldn’t have my own christmas tree to decorate. It’s my absolute favorite part of Christmas….I love it! It’s not Chistmas with out decorating a Christmas tree!!

So, Devin being the fantastic hubby he is came home with a tiny Christmas tree to put in our tiny room.



I almost cried….I was so excited!

We got some lights, put on some old ornaments that I got when my family went through some old things, and put Princess Tiana as our tree topper!

Yes……that’s right I have a black princess as my tree topper! She’s really an ornament that my mother-in-law gave me, but she over powered the tiny tree so we put her on top! Then we put some gifts that we are giving to our family, and now it really feels like Christmas… 🙂 It was a great surprise……I love my husband, and now I am SUPER excited for Christmas to come!

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