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This Christmas was pretty much the best Christmas ever!

Not only was it the first Christmas with my hubby, but I got everything I wanted, we both did! I know, I sound like a little kid, but I haven’t had a Christmas like this since I was eleven so I was really excited. Devin said I was like a little girl being so excited about every gift I opened. Christmas Eve was spent with Bryce’s, we had breakfast together at brother-in-law’s house. Afterwards we headed across the street to the Bryce’s where we opened the presents that we all got each other, and more importantly what Sheri got us! Then Christmas day we went over to my Dad’s house to open more presents and play with the Kinect. Both days were amazing! We love our families.

Some exciting gifts we got:
I got some footy pajamas and Dr. Pepper salt and pepper shakers from Sheri and Devin gave me a 32″ TV.

Devin got an Amazon Kindle from me, a little helicopter from my brother-in-law John, (Worst gift ever….for me its annoyingly loud), and some fireworks from his dad.

Oh, and I got one of the funniest movies in the world, “Despicable Me”, which was very exciting, I LOVE that movie!

I don’t think this Christmas wouldn’t have been so special without our wonderful familes! I definitely married into a good one. We are so grateful for what we have and can’t ask for anything better!



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