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Halloween fun!

This year wasn’t too exciting, but we still had fun.

On Saturday we went to a trunk-or-treat. We both dressed up too! I went as my mom and Devin dressed as if he was struck by lightning.

Sheri, his mom, was in charge of it so we helped her out a little bit and some laughed with friends.

Then on Sunday we just hung out at our house carving pumpkins with his family. I am very proud of my pumpkin…I did Princess and the Frog! It’s pretty much amazing! We Handed out candy to the cute little kiddies! Eventually handing out candy got a little boring, so my brother-in-law Boston had this funny idea of having some one get inside of the outside blow up decorations and move around in it. Me, being the smallest I was choosen. So I got in and it was fun movin around and the family laughing and having a good time. She had two so they cut a bigger hole in it, and Boston got in the other one. We faught with each other, and talked to the kiddies. We were the entertainment for everyone. It’s a something that I don’t think any one will forget. I’m glad was part of it. Fun times!

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