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Boots on….

So this Thanksgiving Devin and I were lucky enough to have two. One with my family and one with his family; which I was super excited about because being married you usually have to choose what family you go to for what holiday. So I was ecstatic to spend Thanksgiving with both families. We spent Thanksgiving day with his family, and Saturday we went to Flagstaff for my family Thanksgiving dinner.

On Thanksgiving we had our turkey dinner in the back yard. It wasn’t too cold; I only had to wear a light sweater….always good! 🙂 Since we live with Devin’s parents, we didn’t have to do much. We were ask to make mashed potatoes, and then I was asked to make my famous banana cream pie. Honestly….it’s nothing really special just some vanilla or banana pudding, bananas, and a graham cracker crust. One sugar free for Devin’s sister Cindy and a regular one for everyone else. Even though they taste exactly the same, but some of the Bryce’s are little spectacle about it and a little picky! 🙂 Afterward we played with our kinect system that Devin bought for his birthday. Everybody was playing having a good time! Even Grandpa Bryce who is in his 80’s played!

Then for my family Thanksgiving we went up to flagstaff for the weekend, and had it at my sister Mariah’s house. We drove up there on Friday, and we went home on Sunday. We stayed at my brother Jamon’s tiny little dorm room with his cute wife Kristen and adorable little boy Keegan. Thanks for squeezing us in by the way we definitely appreciated it! So it was really a weekend of Thanksgiving for the Smith’s. It was SO MUCH fun! I think it brought little closer. We hadn’t that much time together with just the Smiths in a very long time. We watched some old home videos that my dad brought bringing back so many memories about my mom and little things we used to have and do.That was one of my favorite parts…Seeing my mom again! The dinner itself was amazing. There was no little kiddies running around, or screaming; they were all taking naps it was just the adults…..AMAZING! oh and the food was delish….We brought the Kinect; which was a big hit! We were the coolest ones there! I danced with my sister pretty much all weekend it was great! 😀 While we were there it was pretty cold and it snowed on Sunday….So I got to wear my boots! I have one pair of boots that i love oh so much, and since I live in Phoenix I have no need to wear them. I was SO excited…..I call them my pocahontas boots…they look like something the she would wear. They are so comfy and so warm….It made me want to get some more pairs but sadly I have no need for them….It doesn’t get that cold here. Wearing my pocahontas boots made the weekend that much better! Definitely made some good memories this Thanksgiving! 🙂


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