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New Life….

Well it’s a new life for one of my best friends Leah Marie! 🙂 She’s getting married in a few days. I’m SO excited for her! I’m excited that I get to experience that special life step with her. She’s the 2nd to get married out of the 3 musketeers, me being first, and I love her see her so happy! She is an amazing, smart, beautiful girl. She deserves this happiness. I’m excited that I get to go through the temple with her and go to her sealing, I think I’m most excited about those two things than anything else. 🙂 I love her and I wish her every happiness! It’s ABSOLUTELY wonderful being married….and there will be certain things that you will love the most, if you catch my drift. 😉

One of our adventures….Halloween dance 2009

My absolute favorite picture of Leah! 😀 Sorry Leah I had to!

P.s Beware of him snoring….just sayin.


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