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Storyteller Weekend…

So this weekend Devin and I were supposed to go to Utah with some friends, but things came up and we didn’t end up going. Instead, Devin and I went to Flagstaff to get out of the heat we went up Friday and came home Sunday. Friday night we stayed in this really nice hotel called Drury Inn, it was our splurge for a really long time. We came to our conclusion that we LOVE staying in hotels! It’s our new favorite thing. Then, Saturday my sister was moving into her new house so we helped with that all day. Then Devin wanted to stay the night at their house, but i convinced him to stay somewhere else. The somewhere else was an extremely cheap old motel that was made in the 50’s on route 66. It was old and dirty. Well, not that dirty but it was definitely dirtier than the Drury Inn. It smelled kinda funny and we found some blood on one of the pillow cases and towels. The room looked it hasn’t been used in awhile. It was a different experience for me; Devin didn’t mind it so much….minus the blood on the pillow case he was using. We both have always wanted to stay in and old motel on route 66, so we fulfilled a life long dream but it’s something i wouldn’t do again. Then Sunday we spent time with my sister and brother all day and it was nice! So that is my storyteller weekend….it was a fun weekend a new adventure.


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