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The Intern

Taryn and I just finished watching the film entitled “The Intern” starring Robert DeNiro & Anne Hathaway. Prior to selecting this movie tonight Taryn and I were watching
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Locked the doors!

Friday afternoon Taryn, Tatum and I headed out to run some errands, we had an appointment with Taryn’s doctor, I had to do some work at Gryphon and
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Crazy Legs

Disclaimer: This post sat in my “drafts” folder for over a year before I decided to simply publish it ‘as-is’. These are some ramblings about Tatum around 9-10
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Tiny House Craze

I have recently become infatuated with the idea of selling our 2,200 square foot home and moving into a smaller place with the goal of becoming financially independent
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San Juan Fire

A few weeks back on June 26th, 2014, a human caused Forest Fire started on the White Mountain Apache Reservation near the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. The fire spread
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Mixing the Blogs

Up until now I have attempted at posting about personal family experiences on this blog. While at the same time I had my own blog on DevinBryce.com and
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